Absolute Backup Monitor options

Absolute Backup Monitor has a number of options and settings to give user more flexibility in customization and usage of Absolute Backup Monitor.

Options tree
  • at General page general options include:
    • Allow confirmations
    • After startup check at least 1 copy per file or dir is available
    • minimize to tray
    • Start minimized
    • Allow balloons tips
    • Ballon duration (sec)
    • And play sound
    • Explorer context menu integration button
    • Disable Explorer integration button
    • Reset forms positions and sizes

  • Colors page allows to customize:
    • Use custom colors
    • Color for files
    • Color for directories
    • Color for non-existing ojects

  • at Compression page include:
    • Use compression
    • But only for files that a smaller then
    • Archiver with path line
    • Command line to archive
    • Extractor
    • Command line to extract
    • Test button for test settings

  • at Language page available language localizations are represented:
    • Select language

You can find more information about each option at correspondent help pages.
In any case you can contact support team to find out meaning of options or get advice, if you have a problem.

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