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Absolute Backup monitor - review of features

Absolute Backup Monitor - Main window

Absolute Backip Monitor - Main window

Absolute Backup Monitor will protect your files from accidents in real time. You don't have to schedule backups - just install the program and it starts automatically creating backup copies of your documents. A free version is available! Absolute Backup Monitor is a new generation of backup systems that ensures you won't lose a single bit of data.

Latest features:

  • Creates backup copies automatically (as configured), or by user request;
  • Flexible configuration options for each task;
  • ZIP, RAR or other compression, or plain copying without compressing;
  • Backup data from any computer available in the network;
  • Stores backup copies on any local or network machine;
  • View and restored created backup copies;
  • Restoring files from archives;
  • Backup of files by type (according to "including" or "excluding" masks);
  • Ability to specify masks for individual tasks;
  • Configuration options controlling creating backup copies:
    • Only if data has been changed and (optionally) not more often than specified time intervals;
    • At set time intervals (as configured) and (optionally) if the data has been changed;
    • By user request;
  • Limitations that can be applied to creating copies:
    • Maximum number of copies per file (old copies are deleted);
    • Maximum size of all copies in given file/folder;
    • Minimum amount of disk free space to preserve;
    • Limiting number of backup copies per task (old archives are deleted);
  • Additional features: notifications of the need to create a copy of a filled folder;
  • Keeping and viewing of backup statistics;
  • Windows Explorer integration;
  • Output of informational messages in the system tray area when performing tasks.
You can download Absolute Backup Monitor and use fully functional trial version for 30 days. After trial period you can use register or use free version of Absolute Backup Monitor. A free version is available also!

F-Group developers work to improve Absolute Backup Monitor and provide high quality software.

If you have any new ideas about Absolute Backup Monitor or other products contact us for cooperation.

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